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Sep 27, 2002
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Hi Folks
Went to the northern show today to see (hear)what else the av and hifi world had on offer.Had a listen to the leema xens and other brands as i wasnt happy with the musical side of my m&ks.conclusion you should never imagine that your system doesnt sound as good as it should and pick fault until youve had a good listen to the competition iam not going to change anything on the audio side of my set up, to my ears iam now alot more happy with the sound from my set up and iam sure it would cost me quite a bit more to get any great improvment on the sound iam getting now. on the movie side of things i didnt hear anything that would make me swap my gear for, picture side though theres plenty i would like to have hd pictures are simply amazing better start saving the pennies.
Cheers Gonzo.:)
Your system isn't too disimilar to mine and I often come back from shows having listened to much more expensive equipment than mine, happy in the knowledge that the difference is only marginal for much more money.

My front speakers are the bottom of the M&K Professional range but I know someone with the top of the range M&K Professional speakers at four or five times the price who often says that other much cheaper speakers are almost as good as his so either the difference is marginal once you get above a certain amount or else the top of the range M&K Pro speakers aren't much good.
I thought that was just a requisite of being in the 'high end' of home cinema? That the higher you climb in the price stakes the smaller the differences become?

I've certainately concluded between mid-range and ultra-high-end kit before that it's really not worth the extra.

To quote somebody in the 'reader rescue' section of What Hi-Fi, "I can't imagine this sounding any better without spending silly amounts of money".

I think that fits in with your own and Gonzo's setup. Hearing the best of the best at these shows and coming home happy.
yes i am at that stage as well, where for improvements i will have to spend a lot more and tbh i can't be bothered!i am well happy with my audio side of my system and probably my enjoyment from films are maximised and i love listening to music on it.
Hopefully i won't come back from the bristol show and think otherwise :(

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