Demons 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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These are two of my favorite horrors so I was definately getting this set. I already have the Demons/Demons 2 steelbook from Arrow and I was really impressed with that when it came out.

My 4k set arrived this afternoon and I've just finished watching Demons (international English version). First impressions are mostly positive. There's definately more detail in the picture with greater depth to the image thanks to the improved contrast of this new scan.

The previous Arrow blu ray looked really clean and bright from memory so this version is darker but probably more accurate. Video bit rates are very high and the audio with the UK English dub is about the same as the blu ray which is fine.

I think the cropping is slightly different to the blu ray as there are noticeably thicker black bars left and right of the image. I would need to play the blu ray to confirm. It's not a problem for oled though as the bars are pure black.

The box set is nice but not really practical as you really need to keep the J-card over the box to keep it together, otherwise the two halves could come apart. A regular hard slipcase with a cover from each movie on either side would have been better.


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Similar views from myself - the first one was looking very good, albeit a little darker than I remember in places, but last time I watched it I had a different TV.

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