Demon SACD 1600ne problem.

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I have a strange problem. I bought the Denon new in April this year. I have just started to use it daily. Playing track 3 of Martina McBride‘s The way I am, towards the end of the disc it starts to skip several times. It is the only track where this happens. I played the track on an old Sony Blu-ray player. No problem.
Last night I played a CD by Tim McGraw. Again skipping but only on one track. I didn’t play it on the Sony because I decided to start watching football and return to the problem today.
I got the same problem with the McBride disc, again fine on the Sony. No problem yet with the other disc.
My next step has been to look at the Denon manual. This is what I found In the troubleshooting section:

During playback sound is occasionally interrupted.

The sound may skip during playback of a CD containing a high resolution audio source.
This may be caused by poor recording conditions, or the disc itself may be of poor quality. Use a correctly recorded disc.

Bearing in mind I have proved that the disc works perfectly on another player, where do I go from here? CD manufacturers don’t like the use of lens cleaning discs so I will have to return the Denon to my dealer to be dealt with under warranty. And I expect to have o bear postage costs At the very least.

The ironic thing coming out of this is that when playing the disc on the Sony BDP it sounded identical. I got my wife to listen. She thought the
Sony was more mellow and preferred it to the Denon. So - £899 against a £68 refurbished Sony. Once returned from the manufacturer it may well go on EBay and I’ll just take the hit and use my Sony.

Anyone any thoughts? I found the info in the manual really strange. It makes no mention of the possibility of a faulty player!


Have you cleaned the offending discs? Look at the discs for discolouration where the surface may have been damaged in production. I know that's not going to solve your problem and I've only two discs that skip on my Denon (and my Marantz sa8005) but would happily play in my PC.

As for the warranty, some, not all dealers, will pay for the postage costs in the first year.

I find my Denon 2500 to be not as mellow as the Marantz, it's more detailed and unforgiving of poorly mastered albums but's that's what I like about it.


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It is not uncommon to have one disc play in one machine, and not in another.

I've had a few Cds and DVDs do that.

I think it comes down to the error correction of the machine - and the conditon of the disc.

Some CDs had holes in them. You could hold them up to the light and see the poitns of light shining through them.

Some machines would cope with them, others would not.

The cheapest solution might be to burn that disc onto a new CD if you have the kit. You will probably finds that solves the issue - at least that would eliminate the disc problem.

It's down to how the machine is set up to deal with error correction - and maybe the wavelength of the laser - as I belive bluray players play discs using a different light and speed - which will affect the way the laser refracts off the disc and is interpreted by the machine.

There's nothing wrong with the Denon. It's got a different "brain" to the Sony. That's all.

Might be worthwhile trying the disc on CD direct mode on and off. You may get a different reponse.

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Thank you very much. That’s really interesting. After posting I have had no problems with other discs. I will try the burning of another copy of the disc. I’ll now see how I get on over the next few weeks before thinking about sending it back for inspection.

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A huge thanks to SandyF

CD Direct mode on or off same skipping.

Put disc into IMac music. Burned to new disc. Perfect playback. I'm so glad I posted about this. So in future, any skipping on a CD. I will do the same.

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