Demon - 42wh36 several picture settings - how?


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May 19, 2003
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You mention on your '51wh36 Tips N Tweaks' thread that you setup several 'Picture Settings'. I can only set the main one. How can you store more than one?

I went throught the service mode and setup convergence and now the picture is much better than before.

your help on the above will be appreciated!
Ahh... perhaps I was a bit misleading, what I meant was, I have several sets of 'settings' that I use, these are written down, but have to manually change settings.. one for DVD, one for SKY, one for my XBOX, etc

since I've had the set for a while now, I have set the TV up using AVIA, and I just watch everything using these settings... even SKY which at first I found a bit too revealing, doesn't bother me anymore, I actually like the more detailed/revealing presentation.. it makes other TV's look like they've got a fog filter in front of the screen!!!

I think it is possible to change the picture settings for the presets, but this involves some more advanced delving into the subdata in design mode, something I wouldn't recommend...

Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, the only up side, is it seems it is possible to live with one good set of picture values, something I've never been able to do on other sets.

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