demon 3802 blown fuse..


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After a change of furnature I was setting up the speakers on my beloved 3802 when, as I tipped it slightly, there was a flash and a puff of smoke. On inspection the internal 3amp fuse has blown.. I replaced this with 2 others but they just keep blowing. Nothing is plugged into the amp at all.

Does anyone have any ideas how I start to investigate this issue?


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Something has come / been loose inside the unit and in moving it about that has moved and has now shorted between one or more power supply rails and chassis metalwork most likely...

Disassembly of the insides might find the culprit as might scorch marks or blown components (if you can tell the damaged ones by visual inspection alone). It's possible that if it is a loose screw or similar that its' removal will effect a complete cure, but that is unlikely. Whether the faulty components can be easily identified and fixed d-i-y by you is unlikely (as you've had to ask this question).

IF circuit diagrams and repair manuals are available readily any electronics repair shop may be able to fix it. If not a Denon Authorised centre will be needed. DENON UK | Service

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