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    Sep 3, 2004
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    Can anyone suggest where I can actually see what a projector is like BEFORE I have to buy it (ie: demo)
    I'm in Essex but I don't mind travelling
    I did see a demo of a H30 today and, quite honestly, it was cr*p. I don't know any technical terms (hence cr*p ;) ) but to be a bit more constructive, there was constant blurring / smudging and 'pixelation?' I think that's the term (at times large areas where all exactly the same shade, esp. shadows and reflections) the toshiba LCD (TLP T60M) I've 'nicked' from work is 10x better but blacks are useless.
    I thought the H30 was supposed to be the biz, could it have been set up wrong ?
    Today's experience has definately made me determined to try before buy, even if it means paying a bit extra
    Comments / help anyone?

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