Demo Speakers.....are they worth the gamble?


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I have been offered a set of kef 3005 speakers that were used for demo purposes by superfi, with full warrenty.

My thinking is that they will have already have been run in for me, but what else should i consider (or ask the dealer) before going for them?

Or should i avoid demo speakers at all costs?

I really want the 3005's but am unable to shell out a grand on speakers alone so thought that this would be the road to go down.

I will be asking the same question about AV Recievers in the AMP thread too, so if you have an opinion on demo amp's please hop over there and give your view on that subject.

Many thanks


rob roberts

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I bought ex demo kef 1005's from pratical hi fi, fantastic, no problems with them. Best bit was getting them for less than half the retail price so i say go for it as long as they are complete with no damage then whats the problem.

Then a few weeks ago at the same shop i bought an ex demo denon avr 1906 for £200, it had only been switched on a handful of times and i was well pleased.

Hope it helps mate.


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Agreed, they're hardly likely to sell you rubbish with a full warranty.
During a demo, the last thing you want is someone to turn them full up, thus making them sound poor.
Hence, I too would look at them as nicely run in :smashin:


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Id have no probs with buying ex demo gear, assuming its in good condition. With a full warranty you're pretty well covered anyway.

Go forth and purchase!


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Thanks for all your input, looks like a no brainer then!!



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