Demo of Tosh & Philips 36'' WS



Just got back from my local comet after spending over an hour staring the Tosh 36zd26p and the Philips 36pw9607. Managed to get my mate who works there to set up the TVs with identical scart leads, dvd players and dvds so I can make the right decision. Tweaked the settings on both and to be honest there was so little between these two for picture quality. Turned off pixel plus on the philips because it just looked horrible with it on for LOTR dvd and put the Tosh to Progressive. Virtually identical pictures. Only problems I can are the Tosh has the black bars on very white shots at both sides of the screen and the Philips looks as though there a faint black vertical line in the middle of the screen only visible on dark scenes as if the blacks are 2 slightly different shades either side of the line. Both very good pictures, tempted by the tosh though. Anybody know if the wobble that some 9607 owners are getting on NTSC dvds is only happening when pixel plus is switched on? Reason I ask is, if I purchase the Philips I plan to watch DVDs with PP turned off so the wobble won't be a problem if it only happens on PP.


I just come from Comet in Ipswich where admittedly it was a little bit busy and I asked the bloke if I could have a look at the Tosh 36Zd26P with a dvd signal rather than the standard digital sky, converted to analogue crap.

He got one for me, but the problem was the picture was half the size of the screen with black bars around the top and sides measuring about 5 to 6 inches!!!.

Anyway, tried to have a fiddle but with no sucess, none of the remotes work either. I know i'm not going to buy it from comet because of the amount of dosh they want for it, but the salesman don't know that does he?

Overall, very disappointed with how I was treated even though it was full of christmas shoppers buying stupid little presents when I want to look a my things:mad:

;) :) :D
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