Demo of B&W 603's and a problem


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Went to demo B&W 602.5's with lcr60 center. Sounded fine but then I tested the 603's ( there is no comparison). So i upgaded the center to the 600 which again is a must. However I was only testing the B&W asw600 sub and teh rel Quake and they really struggled although the quake was quite a surprise package. So what sub to put with this package is the problem?

I am currently just going to run without a sub but the need is great. I cant find anywhere to demo the velodyne cht-10 but I was wondering should i be demoing the rel 150/200?


Well if you are in the London/Essex area you would be welcome to come and listen to my system.
If not then I'm sure somebody else with the CHT-10 will offer a demo.

Let me know if you are in my area.

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