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Demo Material

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by whats_this, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. whats_this


    Dec 26, 2003
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    Heya guys, am currently looking at buying an svs ultra or 20-39+ but having bought blind before and not really being satisfied this time i thought i'd do things right and go and demo as much as possible.

    I Have booked a demo at my local sevenoaks tomorrow to have a listen to the B&W 750, M&K mx700 and a Rel stampede before going to visit kazman on Saturday to have a listen to his svs ultra :D

    Anyway, back to the point, I was thinking to myself, I don’t want to cart about my DVDs all weekend so why not just burn all my favorite test sequences onto a DVD along with a bit of music.

    Well I was getting quite excited about this and was thinkingthis looks awesome, the best sub thrashing DVD of all time (maybe anyway). So I've started ripping my DVDs using DVD shrink and DVD decrypter (awesome freeware found at http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/ along with guides to almost everything av wise) and have currently got the usual suspects there

    Finding Nemo : Darla obviously

    Ice Age : Glacier scene at beginning

    Lotr Fellowship : first 5 mins

    Lotr Two Towers : Gandalf falls, Black riders, Gandalf slays Balrog

    Monsters inc : Ted walks to work, Sock detonation, City block decon, Boo laughs

    Matrix: Where we are grown, Landing in fight, Chopper explosion

    Matrix Reloaded : Door to the source, It's the hammer,

    Ronin : RPG Launch

    U-571 : Alarm!, Torpedo hit, They all missed, Plane flyover, Depth Charge

    Attack of the Clones : Ship explodes

    Blade : Footstep, Pinned, Invitation? Door blown

    Fight Club : THX Intro, Mid-air collision, Ass-whippin, Calling Marla, Fridge explosion, Car wreck, My eyes are open, Final explosions

    all of which can be found at the svs site under faq. Here http://www.svsubwoofers.com/faq.htm

    but I know there are more, and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good scenes in the discs below as I own them and thought they would be the most likely low discs for good bass. Thanks in advance and shall keep you up to date with my new project.

    Charles angels 1&2
    X men 1&2
    MIB 1&2
    Pulp fiction
    Reservoir dogs
    Fast and Furious
    Black Hawk Down
    Enemy of the state
    Face Off
    Tomorrow never dies
    World is not enough
    Die another day
    Reign of fire
    Moulin Rogue
    Blade 2
    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Chapters or time index would be the most helpful but if not sure just a description would do.
  2. Ian J

    Ian J

    Aug 6, 2001
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    Transferring to DVD Talk forum which is where the software issues are discussed

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