Demented ! Please help on Geometry issue... AGAIN ! (Loewe Mimo)


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Before I put a hammer to my Mimo can someone please help me out? :suicide:
Having purchased a Pany PD30 - what seems like many moons ago - I then exchanged for a Toshiba 32ZP.
The Pany, as we all know, has major faults. My PD30 had numerous problems and I thought the Toshiba would be ideal.
However after 3 Toshiba's - all with Geometry problems, which I could not put up with (they do have a rotation option on the 36” TV!!) - I went for the Loewe Mimo.

The geometry WAS slightly out but I knew before I purchased the Mimo that it has a rotate option, which would sort the problem out.
The first Mimo had a black spot on the inside of the screen, which I was told might be a burnt out pixel (?)

I had to change the geometry to +3 to correct this.
Everything was perfect except the black bloody dot, which was noticeable when the picture shown was a light colour.
I'm certainly not paying £1100 for a Tv which isn't atleast 99% correct.
This Tv was exchanged last week, after a 3 month delay, again to a Mimo.
However, the geometry is a mile out. I have no problems with the Tv except the geometry.
To correct/level the bottom of the screen it now needs to be on +9.
When I do this the top of the screen goes way out.
This can be seen if I am watching a widescreen program. The black bar at the bottom will be level but the black bar at the top will be out, by about 4-5 mm - Which I believe is quite a lot. Also if I am watching Sky News/Sky Sports, which has writing at the top and bottom of the screen, you can clearly see it is not right.

If you look at the picture I have added (its a bit of an exaggeration) you can see no matter which way the picture will rotate you cannot get the top level with the bottom.

I hope I've made sense here and hopefully someone out there can advise me what to do.

Exchange the Tv for another Mimo? Get an engineer out to fix the rotation problem?

I'm sure this is NOT within the boundaries that some companies work to. I've tried to live with it but unfortunately I'm constantly looking at the fault.

Please advise.


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I'm just thinking here.......I've got 4ft Polk Floor standing speakers - However they are magnetically shielded.

The right speaker is around 4ft away from the tv and the left is around 2ft away. (I have my AV equipment between the Tv and the right speaker).

The speakers are around 6 years old. Has this got any effect on the geometry?

I've just moved the left speaker but was wondering how long it takes for the picture to settle IF it is a magnetic problem???



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I’ve just done a test to double check the geometry issue.

I can move the picture vertically when the picture is set on “zoom” or “cinema”.

I have picked a film which is being broadcast via Widescreen on Sky (Black bars top and bottom).
I have then set the rotation so the bottom black bar was level with the Tv. (also moved the screen vertically).
I have then moved the whole screen vertically so the top black bar is as level as possible to the top of the Tv set.
The difference between the right and left horizontal black bar is 4mm.

Again, I hope this makes sense and appreciate your post lynx.

I think its going to be another exchange ……..:thumbsdow



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Well, I've set the Tv up again this morning and moving the speakers has had no effect.
I've emailed Loewe to see if an engineer can fix this problem.


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Request a replacment.You have paid a lot of money for a top performer which is failing to live up to your reasonable expectations.Good luck.


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Hi Lynx

I've just spoken to a guy from BuyyourAv and he says 3-4mm is with-in the boundaries but I've explained the difference is 4-5 mm from left to right.
He is now arranging an engineer to take a look at the set to see if it can be fixed.
Who said buying a Tv is easy eh!

Buy the way did anyone manage to get the deal from Sky on Tuesday.... Toshiba 32ZP38 + free Tosh DVD player and Tosh Video player for £749 !!!
The Tv alone is being sold for upto £1300. (
Deal of the year so far.
Out of stock with-in hours I believe, but well done if you got one.

Theres still one or two bargains to be had:,,&searchText=&searchType=&pageNumber=1


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I've got an almost identical issue with ym JVC HV32P37 - although mine slopes down a bit more - closer to 1cm from top left to top right when displaying a test pattern from DVE.

This is my second one of these sets and I think I may be victim of a bad batch of sets as I've not seen reports of this from other owners. I'm currently waiting to hear back from Comet as to whether JVC think it can be cured in the workshop...

At least I know I'm not alone in having this prob and that other people seem to have the same thing with other makes & models...

Sigh... If only plasma were afforable and not prone to screen burn...

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