Deltic Precision Audio Bigger Bit DAC7 - HELP



Hi Folks - first time visit here and i seriously need some helpppppp !

I have recently aquired some interesting HiFi components and i have little idea as to what they do and even less idea as to their Value

Would appreciate comments help advice on any of them

Mucho thankx if you can shed some light

If theyre any good i will list them on the Bay for sale

Thanks gradea36

Items are as Follows

Deltic Precision Audio - the Bigger Bit DAC7 bitstream d/a converter - Mint

Demion Pro Gold - model Input5

SAE - Impulse Noise Reduction system SAE 5000 No 6711

all these bits came from a high end music buff

Comments thoughts welcomed - cheers !!!


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The Deltec (DPA) Bigger Bit digital to analogue converter is a good piece of kit.
I used to have a Little Bit made by them but now have a DPA Enlightenment DAC and transport. It sounds superb. :smashin:

As for the other stuff, sorry, I can't help.

Jules Tohpipi

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Demion used to specialise in high quality switching boxes and the like. I'm guessing that the Input 5 is a five-way input expander. 7-10 years ago they sold in the £50-£100 region IIRC.

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