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Hi there I am a new member gooday to all.:lease:

I have a delta 270 cd player and in desperate need of a new drawer mech. a gear inside that opens the drawer has, well turned into a non toothed variety, so the drawer fails to open, can anyone help.
Also does anyone know of where I can get a mint (new) faceplate for it, a few scratches are driving insane.
thankyou anyone. (from loverly, but wet somerset)

Carl Stock

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Hello there! :)

I am only guessing here by looking at a picture of a Delta 270 with its tray open, but I am 99% sure it uses a Philips CDM9 mechanism.

It is not uncommon for these mechanisms to basically chew through their teeth (hehe!) after a few years, and it should be a case of replacing the ‘wheel'. I did this by salvaging one from a Philips CD player to fix my Alpha 5+, as they share the same CDM9 mechanism.

You can get new part from here, for example:

Note that I have no connection with the above seller, and I have not used them.

Hopefully, that will help with that problem.

I am not sure about the other issue of the stratched fascia, so I will leave that up to others! :)


Carl :)
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