Delphi Dd42e Plasma Desktop Stand


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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy A Desktop Stand For A Delphi Dd42e Plasma. At The Moment It's On A Wall Bracket, But Am Moving Home Soon And The Wall At The New House Will Not Take The Weight.
I Know They Did Make Them For This Model, But Was Not Supplied As Standard.
I've Search The Internet With No Luck.

If Anyone Can Help, Cheers.

Any Info Would Be Greatful.


Hi there, I may be able to get you a desktop stand for your plasma, also I have been having trouble locating a wall bracket for my Delphi so perhaps I could buy your bracket from you. Regards Terry..


Hi there, I was not sure who you are replying to either myself who badly needs a wall bracket, or our friend who needs a table stand. I am having major problems with even a universal bracket as the hole centers on the back do not marry up with anything suppliers have in stock, but thanks anyway, Regards Terry..


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to either really Liam knows more about delphi than me but basically they are fujitsus not sure if delphi used their own case design or Fujitsus but it should be easier to find a fujitsu mount of the same era how far apart are the holes? have you tried Unicol they do brackets for pretty much everything under the sun........
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