dell xps15 vs toshiba Satellite C660-11K


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Hi am looking for a laptopfor around the 500 mark and I am unsure what kind to go for I have found a copule dell are doing an New xps 15 for £549 its at this price unitl 011210 they say you save £154. and I have found the Toshiba Satellite for a great price they have just dropped the price to a very tasty £405.99. retails at £529
One of my biggest concerns is I want the laptop to run for a few years and the Dell comes with a dedicated 1gb graphics card and 3gb Ram, while the Toshiba comes with an intergrated Graphics card and 4gb Ram
For reliability and longevity stakes is a dedicated Graphics card better over an extra gb Ram, as I understand if the integrated card breaks you have to replace the whole motherboard etc.
Would the system run faster with a dedicated card over an integrated card with an extra gb ram. the laptop is not really for gaming but it will be general use and watching video etc.

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there is no difference, what they mean is integrated gfx is part of another chip, dedicated is a single gfx chip on its own, but you can bet its perminantly afixed to the motherboard, so if it choaks, then its a full board swap just as the integrated one would be.


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Cheers I just assumed that it would be replaceable like on a normal pc the current pc that I have burned out 2 graphics cards granted I did make the mistake of buying packard bell.
Would getting a dedicated graphics card make much difference in performance and speed over an integrated card. More than likely won't be used for games just mostly browsing and videos
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