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My Dell XPS13 9350 has a charging issue. It will stop charging when it reaches about 49 - 50%. I have already looked for possible solutions on the web and have already done as many meaningful "fixes" as I can find with no effect.

1: The charger is recognised in the BIOS as valid (it is). It happily charges from empty to say 49% without issue so I don't suspect the charger nor the connection inside the laptop nor any other hardware.
2: The BIOS, OS and battery driver are all up to date - but I have uninstalled and reinstalled them anyway.
3: I have recalibrated the battery by fully discharging it in use and recharging several times
4: I have tried a hard reset - disconnect power and battery and hold the power button for 40 seconds. Also disconnect power and battery and leave it overnight.
5: One solution (at Dell's own site) suggests amending a certain date in the BIOS. The suggested page isn't present in the current BIOS.
6: Command line battery health report gives good health and a full charge capacity of 43-odd Wh (vs. design capacity 57-odd); so about 75% of original value which would be expected. The thing will run on battery only for a bit over 2 hours playing a movie from a reported ~50% charge (the point at which it refuses to charge more) which is I'd estimate about right for 50% of 43-odd Wh so I believe the reported % is about right i.e. this is not a calibration error anyway.
7: Left it plugged in overnight turned on; left it plugged in overnight turned off.
8: Tried changing battery charging settings; tried them all; rapid, custom (start at or below 80%, end 100%), adaptive, etc. both in the Dell management tool AND in the BIOS.
9: Run in safe mode. Indicator light out meaning not charging.

Any OTHER ideas?
Game over man, game over!

I don't know if this related to the same problem you have, but I have a 9360, and it barely holds a charge anymore - maybe max 10 to 15 minutes on idle load, even if it is 100% charged.

I've just put it down to usual wearing out of the battery which is inevitable. I assume yours is even older than mine.

If you don't manage to resolve it and are interested in replacing the battery yourself, I've done a little research and you'll need:

* A special screw driver called a TORX T5 to open up the back.

* Dell XPS 9350 compatible battery. You can find these pretty easily on eBay. Also double check the battery model number.

* There are some YouTube guides specifically on how to open it up and replace the battery. You can follow along, its pretty easy.


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Noted, but all the indications are - to me at least (unless I'm missing something more subtle) - that it's not the battery itself since, as I say, I believe the state of charge (~50%) is indeed about 50% of what the report says is its current working capacity. And its reported by Dells own app to be healthy:


I don't want to go to the expense of replacing it if it's not the actual problem.
Yea, you're probably right...

I recently installed an app called HWMonitor, it gives you a little info about the battery. Although it may just be the same thing as Windows or Dell is showing. Not sure if you want to take a look.

No other ideas from me. Good luck, Hudson.




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Pretty much the same info as provided by the Command Prompt>powercfg /batteryreport tool.


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Yes. And I have - back to previous and again back to a version about 18 months old (well before this began). Guess what?
a) it doesn't reveal an ownership date entry field so I still can't apply that Dell proposed solution. Not that I'm convinced about it anyway but I'd have given it a go.
b) no effect on the prematurely stopped charging.


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Pretty certain it's not the OS since leaving it off has no effect.
Not Linux here - but there is a windows (DOS-like) command that reports in pretty much the same way. And it shows as in first post item 6.

Sensor circuit? Maybe - but it seems to report accurately, based on how long it will run (from a 50% SOC) compared to the last time I used it for InFlight Entertainment, when it ran for around twice as long.

And given the battery health output, it seems to be at around 75% of new, which is expected, I guess. So as far as I can tell (again, based on use), I'm genuinely getting around half of 75%.


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Having given up trying cheaper alternatives, I did get a lookalike replacement battery and the problem is solved, it seems. Thanks for the input.

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