Question Dell XPS 8900 - do my maths make sense?


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I'm looking at replacing my Dell XPS 8700 with an XPS 8900.

I want the 2Tb SATA + 256Gb SSD version, which is £999 on the Dell site.

However, Dell currently have a special offer on the 2 Tb SATA with 32Gb cache version with a free Dell UltraSharp U2414H 60.5cm (23.8") LED monitor for £831.

It looks to me as if I could buy the cheaper model for £831, sell the monitor (which I have no need for - the cheapest one on eBay is £150), and buy a 256Gb SSD (for around £60) - and it will work out a lot cheaper than £999 for the configuration that I want.

Worst case: say £831 for the lower spec, minus £100 for the monitor plus £70 for the SSD equals £901, which saves me £98.

Am I missing something?


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It's an M.2 SSD rather than an SATA model, so if you're matching like for like you're looking at a minimum of £80 and potentially as much as £130 if it's one of the faster models. Depending on what you're doing an SATA SSD may be functionally identical though, so it's reasonable to say £50 for that.

It's also got a faster graphics card, a 960 instead of a 750ti. As well as having more power this also brings HDMI 2.0 support which is useful if you plan to connect it to a 4K TV (although the 750ti will support 3840x2160 monitors through DisplayPort).

Graphics card prices are somewhat fluctuating as we're in the middle of releases right now. The GTX 750ti-level RX 460 card is being released today in fact. Depending on your criteria for the graphics card that could cost anywhere between £80 and £180 to replace like for like.

Although looking up the 8700 it appears to be hardly any age itself, the first references I can find to it are in 2013. My primary concern with your plan is whether such a small upgrade is going to bring you any benefit at all.


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Many thanks - I'm much more a software person than a hardware person, so I hadn't spotted the different types of SSD and graphics card.

I actually just bought the 2Tb/256Gb version from the Dell Outlet. There's an extra 10% off XPS systems at the moment, which brought the total price down to £767, so I'm a happy bunny, especially as it came with Windows 10 Pro rather than the Windows 10 Home which is standard with this spec.

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