Dell XPS 420 Graphics Card Help?


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Have an old Dell XPS 420 which I use as a htpc and occasional premiere video editing at 1080p. Has an upgraded Corsair AX750 PSU and Asus 560Ti graphics card.
Unfortunately the graphics card looks like it has just gone today, Can only get windows to start in normal mode with the graphics card driver removed otherwise after the windows logo goes out a load of pixels which look like space invaders comes up and then black screen and unable to use computer and eventually tries to restart.
My question is what is the best latest nvidia graphics card I can still be able to use with this old machine (bottlenecks taken into consideration) and is similar or better in performance than the 560Ti.

Thanks for any help and advice in advance.


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I'd try booting into Ubuntu from USB/DVD live environment and see if the graphics corruption persists in case its windows issue.

A GTX-1050Ti might work if you want GPU performance better than the GTX-560Ti, but you don't really need that for what you describe if its just video editing at 1080p, a GT-1030 is suitable for playing video on a 1080p HTPC.


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Thanks for the advice, will try the graphics card in another machine before going forward, if confirmed gone, will more than likely go for a 1050ti off ebay, looking at the one fan shorter asus (more of them than anything else), assume that will run on the Dell PCI-E 2. Is that the best choice or another brand and what's a reasonable price second hand.
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