Dell XPS 15 wifi issue


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I have the latest Sky router in the front of my house. I run Powerplugs from it to a Buffaloe router in the back of the room and the latter is used to extend my Wifi. My old laptop would pick up the wifi signal from the Buffaloe router without issue.

I now have a Dell XPS 15 laptop which does connect to the Buffaloe router BUT is very slow. If I move the XPS to the front room it connects to the Sky router and the speed is fine.

So I checked and upgraded the Buffaloe firmware but that did not help. I then swapped the Buffaloe for a Netgear router but same problem, very slow connection.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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Best thing is to check what speeds you are getting, with by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test at each location using your Dell XPS laptop and post up the different results for....

Dell XPS - Sky Router (Hardwired, Wifi off): ?? Down ?? Up
Dell XPS - Sky Router (Wifi only): ?? Down ?? Up
Dell XPS - Buffalo Router (Hardwired, Wifi off): ?? Down ?? Up
Dell XPS - Buffalo Router (Wifi only): ?? Down ?? Up

This gives a good starting ground to identify where the problem is. Also are both routers dual band 2.4GHz and 5Ghz? If so is the problem occurring on both bands? Each router using different wifi channels I hope?


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Thank you. Will try tonight and post back. I have a feeling the channel is set to 'auto' so will amend this so each router uses a different channel


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Your welcome. Hopefully that will give us an idea where the issue is.

If there's a big speed difference still between the two routers you could also try temporarily running a long ethernet cable (ebay cheapest if you need one) to connect the two routers together. That will bypass the powerplugs in case they are causing the speed drops.


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I have a Dell XPS 15, its a lovely laptop but the wifi has always been a major issue. I had dell replace the wireless card twice, the motherboard, the power board, the wireless antenna, and eventually the whole laptop.

none of the above fixed my issue. In the end i bought a cheap AC wireless card replaced the dell one and its much better, not 100% but loads better.

The issues i had were, always dropping connection, i would be connected from anything between 30 seconds to 5 mins and i would get disconnect for 10-15 seconds. Also the signal range was rubbish, i could sit my laptop ontop of my router and get 10% signal strength.

i would recommend running inssider inSSIDer 4 by MetaGeek this will tell you if your wireless is dropping connection and how "busy" the airwaves are around you.

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