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dell warranty


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heya was just reading on dell if my warranty would be void if i installed an extra component, in my case a graphics card. my warranty would not be void, but what i was wondering is how long is my warranty, i dont think i got any documentation. is there a minimum amout included in all dells, because i didnt upgrade the waranty i just got the one that came with it.
my machine is a dell dimension 1100.
thanks for the help


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It does vary by machine, although I would have thought it'd be a 1 year minimum. However, this should all be on your order invoice?


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Well if you got the cheapest warrenty then it is 1 year return to base, ie if its broke send it to them, they fix it and return it. The next option up is 3 years and they will collect and fix it.

With regards to installing components, aslong as installing the compnent wasnt what damaged the system then it is still fully covered.


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By default Dell has the warranty set to 3 year on-site on most systems but if you changed this when buying, the minimum is 90-Day Collect and Return. I'd have thought that this information could be found on the invoice. How about looking at the pdf file they set you by e-mail (assuming you bought it new)?

More importantly though beware of what graphics card you're getting since the 1100 only has 3 PCI slots. There is no AGP or PCI-E interface.



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yea ill bear the PCI slots in mind thanks.
yea bought it new but over the phone so didnt get an e-mail. ill check my invoice when i get time to go in the loft.
thanks for your help guys


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weaponx_uk2003 said:
buying a new dell. bet that cost u an arm and a leg.
plus there warrnaty/service is poo.

personal experience or just parroting what other people post?

i've owned 4 dells, and on the one that had a problem it was sorted out straight away....altho to be fair i can speak with a crystal clear queens english accent, so i had no problem with the Indian call centre ;-)

the guy i spoke to was efficient, when it was clear the unit had to be RTB they got it picked up, and once it was picked up they had it back within a week....brand new mobo, memory and g/card........(and i know it was cuz i used mechanics knowledge to mark the stuff so i knew what they'd changed out).......bingo

remember, Dell ship MILLIONS of PC units worldwide a year........obviously the bad press is liable to be more than another manufacturer, but working on a volume percentage dell are no better or worse than any other company, sometimes you get unlucky and get poor service/product.....most dont...if most did then Dell wouldnt survive......simple common business knowledge.....

as for the OP's query, Dells bottom line cheapest PC usually only has 90 day RTB (return to base, meaning you send it to them at your cost) warranty, or if lucky CAR (collect and return, meaning they pick it up at their cost)........altho if offers are on it could be a year not just 90 days.........however when you click on the customise button on the website, it usually autoupgrades you to 3 year on site unless you choose to degrade that yourself, so check the invoice, it will state what you got, or if in doubt phone up dell and ask, isnt difficult ;-)

as for g-card, given you have no AGP or PCI-Express slots you are now quite limited to graphics cards brand new, second hand there is still a large number of older normal PCI cards.......if you have already bought the card, repost here saying what card you bought, full model name/number etc, if you got the wrong one someone will tell you, in which case cancel the order/sent it back without opening it.........

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