Dell Studio 15 - buy now or wait for Windows 7 ?


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Need some advice please. I'm about to buy a laptop to replace my Dell Dimension 5000 desktop. Either a Dell Studio 15 (1555), HP Pavilion or HP HDX.

The Dell Studios have some decent offers online - typically £260-400 off for the spec I'm considering, and they are all eligible for the free Windows 7 Upgrade.

I'm torn - buy now to get the offer pricing, and then have to do the Windows 7 upgrade myself in 6 weeks or so. Or, wait 6 weeks and then buy a laptop pre-installed with Windows 7.

I'm confident enough in my ability to follow instructions and upgrade from Vista to 7, just worried about whether this approach will not deliver as good a result as a "clean install" of 7.

Any thoughts? I'm currently leaning to taking the offer pricing but the offers end on 16th Sept so I need to choose quick!

Thx in advance.


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I expect Dell (and others) to bump up their prices once they start selling PCs with Windows 7 installed so I would grab the offer now. I've upgraded a few PCs and laptops from Vista to 7 and it worked fine so I wouldn't worry about that. On the other hand you might want to remove all the bloatware that comes with PCs these days in which case you might want to do a clean install of Windows 7 anyway. Although Windows 7 is released on October 22nd I imagine it will take some weeks longer to receive the upgrade DVD from Dell based on the delays that occurred with the similar XP to Vista upgrade.

- Simon.


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Thanks Simon - appreciate the input and the likelihood of laptop vendors upping their prices when Windows 7 comes along is a real one I think.

Had a look at HP Pavilion today and was quite impressed with it. Will see if there are any offers on those also......

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