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I have a 4 year old Dell dimension 8300 pc

It still runs games pretty well despite its age but I am having a problem regarding the psu and the graphics card.

I understand that the psu in dells is not standard and that a replacement would be relatively expensive but my current one seems to be struggling powering my 7600gt agp card when the software really pushes it (i.e. playing bioshock)

My first thought was to get a separate graphics card psu such as THIS but these type of power supplies only seem to have pcie connectors on, not molex needed by my card.

Is there a way around my problem that wouldn't cost too much (i.e. so much that it would start to make more sense changing the system all together)?

Can you get an adapter to convert pcie to molex? (I know there may be an issue with molex connectors carrying 12v and 5v whereas pcie only carry 12v, would this matter)

Or can someone suggest a replacement psu that would work with my dell that won't cost the earth

Edit: A little further searching suggests that maybe the dimension 8300 does actually have a standard atx psu after all, anyone able to confirm this?

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