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Dell PC can't load windows - virus?


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I think I have a virus on my pc by trying to install some video software. When I clicked Yes to install, I got an AVG warning message telling me I had a security threat so I clicked to delete threat.

After doing so, the desktop turned incredibly slow so much I had to reboot. Now, it boots up very slowly, I get past the Dell screen, past the Windows XP (this part takes much longer than usual), then I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.....

If I leave it for about 10 mins, It moves onto the blue Windows is starting up but gets no further.

I have tried trying to boot up in Safe Mode but althoughit really slowly gets to Safe Mode screen, the taskbar and no icons appear.

Also on the selecting Safe Mode screen are 2 other options - Boot Up Normally and Boot Up Using The Settings THat Worked Ok (or something to that effect).

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

I really do not want to have rebuild the PC and even if I do, how can I in this state and also without an XP disc ? Dell instructions say I do not need an OS disc, I can just use System Restore. Again, how can I do this if the desktop won't load ?
What video software did you try to install and where sis you download it from ? Playing with torrents ?

AVG should have picked it up and done its stuff. Just try another boot and see what happens.


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Can't remember the name of the software was just to watch a youtube type clip. In hindsight, I should have googled it first but too late now.

I have been repeatedly trying to fix it/reboot for several hours so another reboot will not make any difference.

THe furthest it gets is the blue "Windows is starting" and that's it. It takes about 15 mins to get that far.

Any ideas ?


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Try safe mode.

Use a different anti-virus (NOD32 or kaspspry(sp))

F-secure has an online scenning tool if you can get that far.


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Assuming that you haven't got a virus it may be that the video software has installed or replaced a core system file with a duff one. Instead of safe mode try selecting "Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)". This may put back the good file(s). Here's a MS article with more details:

If the machine speeds up and can boot then do a system restore to make sure you get rid of all the video software.

Blu Ray

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You can try a few things in Safe Mode. Try running MSCONFIG (run, then msconfig) and remove most everything from the startup, then keep adding them in until the problem becomes evident.
Also, you can use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility which is handy for removing screwed up installations.

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