Dell P2419H + Chromecast - No Audio Via USB Speaker



Not sure if I've chosen the right forum section as the problem may fall in to numerous categories. I've got the above monitor and have connected a Chromecast to it, which displays perfectly. My idea was to use a USB speaker for the audio, however the 2 USB ports on the side of the monitor do nothing, and the 2 USB ports underneath just give a faint buzzing sound from the speaker, no actual audio comes through.

Is what I'm trying to achieve possible? If it is, what am I doing wrong?



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USB ports on most monitors are simply a convenient built in USB hub, and require connecting to a USB host such as a computer to do anything.

I haven't checked the manual but I wouldn't expect the functionality you're expecting to be at all common.
Most definitely agree with EndlessWaves my Dell P2415Q works that way and does it brilliantly. It extends it as a USB hub. So the Dell soundbar I have on it shows up as a sound output on my PC.

My LG 34UC99 is exactly the same, one USB-C connection to my PC and all the ports show up as a hub. But as the speakers are build-in, you could play directly via an HDMI input if you so wish.

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