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Dell Optiplex GX280 dedicated GPU card?


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I've got a second hand optiplex GX280 Small Desktop form. It supports a PCI-E card (i think its only half height) and i'd like to put in to graphics card. The problem is the PSU is fixed and only gives 210W....so are there any cards that only take a little power? Otherwise my computer will go :suicide:


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what do you want the graphics card for??? if your thinking of gaming then no chance. if you want it just for basic usage then onboard should do you fine, how ever if you want a dedicated graphics card for basic use then something very low end will do. just make sure it doesnt have an extra power connector on the graphics card. something like an nvidia 6200 or 7200 or from ati an x300 or x600 should do the trick. if you really wanted to do some MILD gaming then an nvidia 6600 or ati x700 will do but i wouldnt want to go any higher.

what else is in the system???


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Force3D HD 4550 512MB VGA DVI TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card - Ebuyer

how about one of these? they are designed to run on a tdp of 25W so are low power and do not need connectors, they will run from the board, should give decent performance and ebuyer return policy is good, if it doesn't fit or won't run just return to box, seal and say it is unopened, lol, i have the HD 4670 and it's a cracking card, these should cope with hd footage well and most games fairly well


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thanks for the suggestions, that looks like a good card for me!

the specs for the pc are
2.8Ghz intel 4
2.5gb ram
40gb HDD
win xp pro

its ok for playing soldier front on a 8mbps BB connection, although lag is around 150-200ms. i think that might be down to the poor graphics performance from the onboard.


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the 4670 is not to shabby for gaming but the 4550 wont be good for gaming at all but it will certainly be better than onboard. by lag so you mean screen lag? or ping/lag online??? if its online then its nothing to do with onboard graphics it will be due to your net connection, probably something to do with your connection quality/speed or something like distance from the server your playing on things like that.

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