Dell M1530 DVD-RW query


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I know this is in the wrong section and will likely be moved but I know this is the thread that gets the bulk of the views.

I have the M1530 and have just backed up a couple of DVD's onto a blank Bulkpaq 8XDVD-R.
My query is why does it take so long to read / write and reach its optimum read / write speed. It doesnt kick into writing at 8X until about 80% of the process. It writes at 4X until about 40-50%. Total writing time is about 15 minutes compared to 10 minutes on my desktop's DVD-RW. Reading time is nearer 11 minutes with about 7 on the desktop. Both drives are of the same spec. If anyting I expected the laptop to be better as its brand new.
Any ideas / ways to improve performance?


Some writers work better with different brands of DVD+/-R discs.
Try a couple of Verbatim or Phillips discs with the laptop drive and see if there's any difference.

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