Dell LCD TVs - anygood?


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My folks are looking into getting a 32" LCD TV. I've been reading the forums and the Toshiba seems to be a firm favourite. They had set their sights on the Sony Bravia. I wasn't very impressed with the picture on it when I saw it and hence have tried to steer them away from it.

Anyhow my question is, does anyone own a Dell LCD TV? And if so whats it like? I know they make bloody good monitors so I'd imagine (bar a poor user interface) their TV's would be very good.



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i know that the old ones were not very good, i know someone with the 26" LCD.... Lots of ghosting!!

Not sure about the new ones, you would hope they'd be better....


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I looked at the Dell LCDs briefly and they were very well spec'd except for one thing that let them down - response rate. I don't know if they are still the same though.


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I recently bought the Dell 37" which now retails for £999. have to say exceptional TV, with the detachable speakers which produce excellent sound and both the TV and the speakers look very good. Tv is on a detachable rotating stand so is easily moved to give the best viewing angle. With the detachable speakers the Tv has only a small border round the screen which makes it a very good looking set.

So why did i send it back ? Simple when i spoke to the sales guy he told me it had features that when i recieved it it didn't have. Only minor issues but we were looking for a TV that does split screen TV/Teletext and has an EPG on the freeview. The Dell doesn't have split screen TV/text and only has now and next on freeview and no EPG.

PIP is very good different sizes locations and all the inputs can be viewed as PIP unlike some that only allow HDMI/DVI.

Only minor issues i know but very important to her who must be obeyed. Personally i would've kept it, especially as Dell offered to knock £100 off when i rang to return it (apparently that's routine so buy one and say you want to return it when you don't :) see what happens).

Overall the customer service was excellent, ordered the Tv and it was built and delivered within 24hrs, rang to return it and they came to pick it up at a time convinient to me (not many companies do that). Also the warranty is next day swap, no fixing if it goes faulty they deliver a brand new one next day.



My friend has the 32" LCD. I like the build quality and the remote control with the blue backlit buttons is so much better than my 40V2000 remote.

The sound was excellent too. I was looking for a hidden sub woofer but was assured that the bass was being produced by those detachable speakers.

Only let down is the picture. The black detail is not great and the picture looked wishy washy. I played with the settings but never got a very good picture. Also, alot of ghosting and blurring.

But I have been used to watching my V2000, so maybe I have been spoilt. If sound and remote were on my Sony I would be 100% please instead of 85% pleased with my purchase.


Sony KDL40V2000


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I got a 26" Dell, the W2600 which I got in the big fiasco with this model when it was discontinued last year, well impressed, its only a bedroom set but I am very impressed with it, teh sound is excellent and in my opinion the pic is very good as well, so presume the newer ones might even be a bit better, teh connectivity is also excellent, I would have no hesitation in buying another DEll TV or recommending one.

If you can get one at a good price then I would say it is well worth considering.



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All I can say is that dell "DO" learn by their mistakes.Only thing is that you can'nt veiw/audition them before buying.And IMHO they must be better/cheaper than some of the so called brand leaders(well 1 brand leader I have in mind) that some are TRUMPETING,Give em a try. Let us know your findings:smashin:


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I have the 37" lcd from dell. It is an amazing tv set i am VERY happy with it, picture quality is top notch in my opinion and it looks and feels really well built.

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