Dell Laptop won't start - System Recovery Options?!?


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Completely out of the blue my Dell Studio Laptop, which is only about 8 months old, wouldnt start up and threw up a strange message on a black screen.

It gave me 2 options, either to strt up using system recovery/fix (recommended) or to start up normally.

This message doesnt stay on screen long enough to read all of it and the 2 options may be worded slightly different to what I have written above.

If I choose to start up normally the screen goes black and then after a few seconds a blue screen message very quickly flashes on screen (too quick to read) but then goes black again and nothing else happens.

If I choose the first option to start up using system recovery again the screen goes black but after a few minutes the Windows 7 start up background appears and then the System Recovery Options screen. Once I choose the language it comes to main sytstem recovery options with 2 options:

-Use recovery tools that can help problems starting windows. Select an operating system to repair.
If your operating system isnt listed, click load drivers and then install drivers for your hard disks.


-Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier.

The laptop originally came with Windows Vista but I have since upgraded it to Windows 7.

If anyone can help with this as I really have no idea what I am doing. I have a few questions which I have about this.

I have a back up on an external hard drive but this is from a couple of months ago and I have since downloaded some photos and a few other work documents, is there a way I can still back these up or access them?

Any idea why this has happened and what could have caused it?

And what do I do next?

Is it worth ringing one of the Microsoft helplines?




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First let it try and fix the problem automatically - it may just be a corrupt file on the hard drive. If that fails then select the System Restore option and go back a week or so in case you have recently installed some software or driver that is causing a problem.


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I ran the system fix option and it after a long process it finally came up with a message saying that it was unable to fix the computer and to click to send the information to miscrosoft to be analysed.

I did this and then clicked to restart.

But strangely the laptop has restarted fine!!

Does this mean it had been fixed? or will I get this problem again?

First thing I will do now is back up my data.

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