DELL Inspiron Laptop - Battery Replacement


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Hi Everyone,

I have a nearly 2-years-old Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, and the battery is dying. Doesn't hold charge for long - and the "Dell Battery Meter" confirms the battery is nearing end of life.

Prices from Dell are rediculous. I seem to be able to get an equivalent (probably from the same manufacturer that Dell use, knowing the way these things usually happen) for about 50% to 75% of the Dell price.

So, does anyone have any experience / recommendations of good (in terms of product quality & service) websites selling laptop battery replacements ? There are so many out there, and I always prefer to go from recommendation that luck ...

Thanks for any pointers,



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97 views and no replies ? Surely someone must have some experience of 3rd-party laptop battery suppliers ?




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I would suggest buying genuine replacement ones. The 3rd-party ones die pretty quick. I replaced my studio 1555 one with a 3rd party one and it died after 10 months.

Check on ebay, there are sellers offering genuine ones at good prices.


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