Dell Inspiron 530s Case "Transplant"


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Basicially I have a really powerful dell inpsiron 530s and the only thing holding it back is the graphics card, 2400 pro or xt (changed after i installed SP1 4 vista) So i just want to hear if it is possible to get:

A new case: - CoolerMaster BLACK CM 690 CASE (RC-690-KKN1)

A new PSU (dell has a rubbish one) : - OCZ Technology 500W STEALTHXSTREAM POWER SUPPLY (OCZ500SXS-UK)

A new graphics card: - Sapphire Technology Radeon HD 4850 512MB PCIE (11132-11-20R)

Would this work out, also i would like to tranfer my cpu from the dell pc into a new mobo - MSI S775 Nvidia MCP7A GF9300/NF730i DDR2 MATX GLAN HDA (P7NGM DIGITAL)

And of course I would take the memory and hard drive out of the pc and put it in the new case, i really want to start looking at a game and not a slideshow when palying games on the lowest settings. Just to mention, i do not want to get some random low profile card beucase there are no decent ones that can play games like cod5 at 1680x1050.

If you could advise on this, i would greatly appreciate it! :thumbsup:


You're pretty much rebuilding the whole PC there. Can you not fit a graphics card into your current case?


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well kinda, but only a really rubbish one which i do NOT want, so basicially i am very limited to low profile cards and the 9600gt by galaxy is completly out of the situation because my computer needs a better psu (it has a 250w i think) Thats why i want a case that can fit in a good card.

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