Dell Inspiron 15r - Will it be any good for me?


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Hiya :)

I'm looking to buy my first laptop, nothing too fancy.
I've been looking at the Dell Inspiron 15r, it seems good enough but I want to make sure with other people who know what they're talking about!
The specifications are:

Intel® Pentium® Processor P6100 (2GHz, 3M)
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit
15.6" High Definition (1366x768) WLED
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD
3072MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [1x1024 + 1x2048]
320GB (5,400rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive

I'm planning to use this laptop for the internet, applications such as Windows Live Messenger and homework (word documents etc) and my budget is around £300 - £420, as I said, nothing too fancy.

If anyone could get back to me who has had this product or knows about computers enough to tell me if it's a good laptop or not, that'd be great :D


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Have a look at the Dell Outlet - the 15R is listed as N5010 - there is free delivery and £25 discount at the moment - you can get one for about £330 delivered - just keep an eye out on the stock during the day.


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Do you know what the 1564 is? The N5010 label doesn't include the i3 15R :confused:
The N5010 is the 15R - got one yesterday - the 1564 is a slightly older model with Core i3 as well - it has more of a grey plastic palm rest rather than the fake aluminium of the 15R. The 15R has the new style of lid which sits slightly forward of the rear edge.

- Simon.


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Thanks - I'm looking for a laptop for my wife and am considering the 15R because it looks quite good, seems to be well made and has Core i3 (am also tempted by the ASUS X52F but the cheaper one at Comet is only 3Gb RAM). It hadn't occurred to me that other Intel processors (that aren't labelled i3) are also i3!

I chatted with a Dell rep about getting Win7 ultimate on a 15R but they don't (or won't) do that. I wish we in the UK could specify a bespoke laptop - ideally I'd go for 4Gb RAM, a 320Gb hard disk and Win7 Ultimate (for bitlocker).
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