For Sale Dell FX 160 Lo Power Atom Box, 4GB RAM 64GB SSD Torrent Box NO OS

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    Dell FX 160 Low power Atom PC. 1.6Ghz Atom 330 chip and fitted with 4GB RAM, and a 64GB PM810 "bare bones" drive by Samsung. In this case "bare bones" is because its not got the standard 2.5'' housing you normally see as it takes up space. (see Images)

    This is a Dell N series version. This means it has never had a Windows OEM licence. It will run Windows but you need to provide a licence.

    These are reasonable capable boxes under XP, Vista or W7, but it will not go to Win 10 due to the SIS chipset on the graphics card. That said the 4GB RAM and SSD do make them run reasonable well and the last image shows the Windows experience scores. that graphics aside are reasonable. The only fan is in the PSU and in use is almost silent. It would make a fine general purpose PC, as long as you do not want to do much graphically. Its fine for most "basic" windows stuff. but the fact the graphics card is so basic means its no good got anything that needs better graphics such as playing games, or watching TV on it.

    This units these shine well as always on background devices where they use a Linix variants with command lines on the box, obviously if you need a GUI then it depends won what you can gat that has support for the SIS Mirage chipset, but anything that you access by a Web GUI on another box works well.

    This one has been using Nas4Free for a few years running as an always on Torrent Box with Sickbeard on it but the Drive has now been wiped. I had it configured to boot NAS4FREE off a USB stick that always sat in the back, so pretty much all the 64Gb was storage. Its also been used as a glorified phone charger, the front USB ports were left with phone charge cables sticking out of them, rear ones had USB hard drive on them. Note that you can only really power 1 or 2 self USB powered hard drives and phones at the same time, otherwise you'll have power issues. Not a fault, not a reflection of the power levels available by USB over the entire USB Bus. You can fix this by adding a powered USB hub to feed power to the drives, or use mains powered USB drives.

    Note the WiFi Aerial mount is broke, I guess over the years its got brittle and shattered. in use it does not make any different I had it behind the PC placed on the shelf with no problems, but most of the time the box was used wired, both to download shows and to serve them out via uPNP in Nas4Free to a Raspberry Pi.

    Comes with power lead (normal kettle lead) stand as seen. Its also mountable on the back of a monitor if it has double / reverse VESA mounts on the stand, this PC has VESA mounts on it.

    Remember NO OS provided, and this is a Ultra small unit, there is no CD/DVD drive but most people would use a USB stick or USB CD ROM to solve that.

    Specs are:

    Dell FX 160 Ultra Small PC,
    Intel Atom 330 CPU - Dual Core EM64T capable chip @ 1.6Ghz.
    4GB of DDR2 667Memory (as much as it can take)
    Samsung 64GB Barebones SSD (Sata 3.0gbs capable)
    10/100/Gigabit capable Wired network
    Integrated Graphics and sounds with mic/headset/VGA/DVI ports.
    B/G capable Wifi, (Don't think its N rated, I'd have to remove the SSD to check)
    6 USB (4 back 2 front)
    Size is 23cmWide x 23 Deep CM x 5.5 cm high if sat in "desktop" mode.
    Weight is about 2kg with the stand.

    Note price is with postage, if you want to collect it I'll drop a fiver from the cost. Also if you want to collect in person you must pay cash to avoid any risk of PayPal chargebacks.

    Price and currency: £45
    Delivery: Delivery cost is included
    Payment method: PPG/BT/Cash/Cheque
    Location: Harlow
    Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere
    Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference

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