Dell D600 - ethernet port gone mad?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Matt_C, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Just now (well, half hour ago) I was trying to install Office 2007 Trial from MS, and since it had to download an 815mb file, I connected it directly to the router using ethernet. Fine

    Then for no reason a little while it hung and crashed, so I rebooted. All was fine, resumed downloading, everything was fine.

    Crashed again!

    This time after booting up, it won't recognise the ethernet cable is plugged in. So I changed it. No joy.

    Rebooted - now I don't even see the LAN connection in Network Connections.

    Reboot after reboot, no joy.

    Did a restore to yesterday, booted up - perfect!

    Ran the MS Office download thing again - hung, had to hard reset, no exactly the same prob - no LAN connection (can't even see the LAN connection in Network Connections)

    Unplugging LAN cable and plugging in again shows the LAN connection again, but the lights on the LAN connection are solid red and flashing orange - sure one is supposed to be green?

    LAN connection is working, but what is going on with all of the above? Can't see why an MS download is screwing my laptop so much?

    Not going to bother doing it again as I'd rather it just worked - looks like I'll have to get MS Office from somewhere else instead! Thanks MS!!!!!

    Any idea's?

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