Dell 8400 built in sound Intel Audio 7.1



I want to buy the medusa 5.1 headphone set - this requires a 5.1 sound card. The dell i have has a built in sound chip the 925x chipset which has the new intel audio- according to the intel site the chipset is 7.1 so in theory you dont need a dedicated sound card.

the question i have is will the medusa head set work with my set up or will i need to but a sound card.

I seem to have the right inputs/outputs at the back of the PC

Cable Monkey

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It should work fine, but you need to configure the sound interface to feed 5.1 outputs.
through the inel control panel. look on your pc for it, if you don't have it head over to the intel website and look for downloads for any intel 925x board and they should have the intel audio control panel there...
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