Dell 3400MP or Sony VPL-CX20 for cinema?


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In my latest foray into a local HiFi shop I was advised that I need a separate projector for business (training) and home cinema, and I can understand why - brightness vs contrast dialemma for example.

I can't really justify two, and as business is the priority I'd like something light and quiet to run for all-day training sessions, that would 'do' for occaisional movies. The shop suggested the Panasonic PT AX100e which sounds great for movies, but looks a bit larger than some. The Dell 3400MP and Sony VPL-CX20 look good for size/weight, and the Dell has PC pro's best buy, but won't be as good for films.

My questions is, will a light business projector be 'good enough' for occaisional DVDs at home. That's subjective, of course. But I wonder if the Dell or Sony would be do the job for now. Maybe I'll invest in a decent home PJ in a few2 years.

thanks for your thoughts.


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I guess I could simplify that question! Will a £700-900 business projector do for occaisional home cinema?



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The dell is pretty good, but it depends on how much it is. If the ax100 is only a little more than thats probably better (definitly for cinema), and possibly brighter in the real world too.

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