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Dell 3008WFP or hp LP3065? (or another?)


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Does anyone have any opinions on these?

I need 4 or 5 30" screens that have dual digital inputs, which has narrowed my choice somewhat. I will be using them for trading, currently i have 3x17" samsungs and a dell 2405wfp. There is a fair amount of info relating to failing hp screens and tbh ive never had one so im unsure about them.
The press on the dell isnt that great either, but an upgrade is pressing now so ive got to make a decision.
any help anyone?


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dual digital inputs, which has narrowed my choice somewhat.

just to clarify, do you mean 'dual link DVI' for 2560x1600 resolution, or do you mean that you will be connecting two devices to each monitor?

If you are only connecting computers using DVI then there shouldn't be anything wrong with the HP. I'd choose based on cost & length of on site warranty.

The Dell will obviously be more convenient if you want to connect up DVD players or satellite/cable boxes for news streams or somthing like that


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i want the option of using two computers on the same screens since the charts i use can only be stretched and are not independent windows, so when i have them setup it will be more convenient to switch input. I dont want this 2nd input to be analogue.
I wont be using any other peripherals.
the dell has display port which raises the possibility of using an ati card which has low power consumption and is pci express x1, reducing heat / noise etc from an sli configuration. this card cannot drive dvi more than 1600x1200 though so the second machine will have to use some other card configuration, sli, matrox or other (nvidias are ott expensive).
there is a 30" samsung but it has limited inputs. the dell is supposed to suffer from input delay due to its scaler, as does the gateway / samsung but im not sure how much 40 - 50 ms is going to affect me. If the dell has better contrast / brightness then this is a consideration. Probably you are right and i should decide based on price / warranty


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You can always get a DVI video switches although I have no idea how much they cost. But that's that option if you can't find an alternative.

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