Dell 2405 24" Component Hi Def?


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Ive just read another forum, and someone there has emailed dell regarding the outputs on the dell via component. According to the email it can only output at 480i and 480p? Can anyone confirm this, as it leaves me in limbo as im now questioning whether to buy this or go with a sammy beacause I want to connect my Pioneer 575 dvd and an XBOX 360 later this year, and access hi def? (720p and 1080i)


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I couldn't say for sure, but, even if that does turn out to be a problem, you could buy a component-to-VGA converter for not too much money, and it certainly accepts VGA at anything up to 1920x1200.


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Jenz on the forums has tested a variety of devices through the component inputs on the dell and this is what he discovered.

JENZ: "I've read a lot of speculation here about the 2405's ability to take Hi Def content particularly considering the Xbox 360. There's been frankly quite a lot of discussion as to whether it will/wont etc. I therefore decided to do some testing with Hi Def content. I decided to try a number of different formats including the standard NTSC resolution of 480i, progressive NTSC aka 480p, HDTV 720p and 1080i. The Xbox 360 has the same capabilities in terms of HDTV support as the standard USA XBox. So using an NTSC Xbox with Component HDTV kit I tested the 2405. All connections were to the 2405 Component Sockets.

Firstly for standard resolution (ie 480i and 480p) this is not a good screen. The 2405's scaling has to basically scale the vertical height @three times to 1200 introducing a number of issues that result in severe artifacts. Put it this way you won't use this screen for standard gaming kit. Moving up from 480p to 720p was a marked improvement. Using Soul Calibur 2 in 4:3 720p was a nice, sharp and clean image.

Using Xbox Media Centre set to both 720p and 1080i the 2405 produced a watchable, decent picture. XBMC is able to upscale DVD's from their native resolution (480p) to 720p or 1080i. Both resolutions worked well and the 2405 had no issues holding sync or displaying these pictures. Note that as the standard is 1080i (aka 1080 horizontal lines) the 2405 has black borders to the top and bottom of the screen - this is not a fault as the 2405 has 1200 horizontal lines.
Finally I bypassed the Xbox entirely and connected up a DVHS HDTV Player using some prerecorded 720p and 1080i material and again the results were identical, good solid 720p image, better crisper 1080i. So based on these results I do not foresee any issues with Xbox 360 but you do need those higher resolutions for this panel. If you dont know what I mean set your desktop to 640x480 and let the 2405 scale to full screen - now try and play a game" :smashin:


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there all ready a dell thread for thsi screen

i my pics i posted should still be there. as for xbox gaming @ 480p it depends on the game, if you use the fill screen modes some games look good ninja gaiden, outrun, soul caliber 2, GTA: SA, PGR2 and the PS2's (laos does 579i fine for uk ps2 games) GT4 @ 1080i play and look nice on the screen, other games like PES4, chornicles of riddck dont look so good.

as for dvd playback, i tried me old pioneer via component on this and i thought the pic was crap via component. treid upscaling via ffdshow and using zoomplayer and i wasnt happy. but XBMC is producing nice pic quality @1080i.

as PC gernral use/gaming screen its top dollar. for console use it is hit and miss depnindg on the game.

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