Delivery OF New Toy


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Good afternoon all,

My MXE Plasma screen has just arrived. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you all those who helped me to make a decision...

AllIve got to do now is to unpack it, rearrange the living room.....

Will keep youall informed.



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Ok sapper, you beat me to it :)

Will try to order mine this week, where did you get it from in the end?

After having had the demo including the Silicon Image iscan PRO, I had to have that toy as well to add to the collection. It certainly seems to be worth it!



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It is fianlly installed and running.

Been watching various segemtns offilms testing its abilities/picture.

The Steel Mill Scenen from T2 is superb... blacks are black, greys are greys...

colours a restrong, perhasp too strong, news readers on news24 are more red than white! Beed to adjust the brightness and the colour etc.

Where did I put my set up Disc???

I bought it from http://www.hiwayhifi.co.uk Cost me £3, 600, plus £50 delivery


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