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Reviewed by Keith Hurst
Deliverance is one of those true great films. The director (John Boorman), the 4 main actors ( Reynolds, Voight, Beatty and Cox) will always have a place a place in history because of it and all should be proud of the work they have offered us here. Excellent casting, Reynolds and Beatty never again better. Superb supporting cast members, many of whom were just normal Joe's from the street. Dickey himself giving a more than credible performance as the imposing town sheriff near the end of the film.

A film which shaped the view of the Deep South for many people, and not for the better. Labelled as a thriller it also falls into the horror category and if re-imagined today would fall short by overemphasising the gore and not the subtle emotional aspects which all our main characters are dragged through here. Horror in the mind, in the soul and staying in the soul long after the journey has ended.

The video quality is a mixed bag and the sound will never have you looking around your shoulder when a twig breaks in your right surround, but these pale into insignificance beside the story itself. The extras included on this disc more than make up for any failing there. Offering up an insight into the film and then men who made it come alive.

A right of passage, a realisation of greater things, a haunting memory; Deliverance has been one of my favourite films since I saw it some 30 years ago. It still is!
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