Deliver us the moon (released April 2020)


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As an amateur astronomer, I always get excited if I come across a realistic sci-fi game set in space, that looks worthy of playing.

Deliver Us the Moon, a Kickstarter project, was such a find I stumble on a couple weeks ago, that never got any mention here on the threads. After playing through it twice (has a relatively easy platinum trophy if you into that), I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone that love puzzle-solving journey games that tell a great mystery story and oozes ambience. There is also plenty of tension moment as you have limited oxygen to progress to your next stage or to solve a puzzle.

This isn't a passive walking simulator, although exploration is key to unravelling the mystery, there is an abundance of excellent puzzle solving mechanics with a few moments of a race against time "action" sequences. There is absolutely no combat in the game but nevertheless you do face plenty of perils and are armed with a laser cutter that comes in quite handy on your journey.

The story is set a few decades in the future and is very relevant to the possible repercussions of our current world environment, so if you want to escape that reality...don't play this game!! You play an astronaut with the responsibility of saving the planet, no pressure but the story's simple premise evolves into a more fascinating storyline.

I found it wonderfully atmospheric...and quite lonely. The simulation of spacewalk (using the suit thrusters) segments felt great. I actually played this in the PSVR headset big virtual screen mode and I felt the stomach churn of gravity-less movement. The soundtrack justifiably won some gaming award...although I never heard of that award ceremony! It's a shortish game so you probably might not want to spend the full price on it unless you happy supporting these smaller game developer teams.

One thing I wish the game had is a VR mode as it is simply perfect for that medium. I sent the developer a message to do a vr mode for Oculus Quest and PSVR...I am sure they will listen obey my command, lol.

For its genre and being an indie developer, this was a personal 5/5 experience for me.

Any of you recommend similar games like...and did any of you play this?
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