Deleting files


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Hopefully a simple one here - but I can't find the answer anywhere.
When I delete a big file (10Gb+) from my drive set as NTFS it says it's too big for the recylce bin and then seems to delete.
However when I look in disc properties, the free disc space is still short of the size occupied by the file I've deleted...
The file is not there, but it still seems to "occupy" the disc.
I've had to re-format the disc to reclaim the space!
Any ideas please?


Not sure what happened there, but in future if you hold down the shift key when you do a delete, that will delete the file without sending it to the recycle bin.


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Thanks, but.... when I delete the file doesn't go to the recycle bin, as it says it's too big- it just "deletes"... but the disc doesn't shw the freed-up space....
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