Deleted Folder Keeps Coming Back


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Hi There,

I've got this major headache which is a folder called "MOVIES" on my HDD.

I recently upgraded my 2nd HDD (F Drive) which was a 300Gb SATA Maxtor with a 1.5Tb SATA2 Seagate and straight after format and initialisation this folder started appearing. The Seagate is my new F Drive and the Maxtor is no longer used. I did use to have a folder called "MOVIES" on my Maxtor......

I keep deleting it and it keeps re-appearing. I got sick of it re-appearing so i hid it which works only for that session and after a reboot it re-appears again.

Is there anyway i can find out what is creating it and STOP it from happening because it is doing my head in!!!

Im guessing there must be some software or something in windows that is re-creating the folder..?



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You are correct to believe that an application or several has associated itself with that folder and therefore preventing you from deleting it.
Your options are to identify each application associated with the folder then remove the link, this is time consuming and you are not guaranteed to identify each linked application.
You might search for freeware that map all links to particular folder, this would be a time efficient and hassle free method of identifying associated applications.
When you do identify all associated applications; you might have to disable the start-up services of those applications using MSCONFIG to completely sever the link.

I have not used any such mapping software but I would be surprised if they do not exist.


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If you haven't been able to solve the problem then there is a free utility that might help. Filemon from Sysinternals (now part of MS) can log which processes accessed which files/folders. If the process name doesn't help directly, then use their other util call Process Explorer which can help you drill down further.

Be warned, these tools are not for the faint-hearted, so you will need some perseverance and application of common sense to interpret the information.

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