Delayed reaction to volume change


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Dont suppose anyone else has had a similar problem?
Have a 32" Widescreen Philips and recently the volume has been acting weird.

Most of the times it responds correctly to the remote control but other times it reacts 10-20 seconds later. When it is working normally you can see the red LED on the TV blinks as you press the volume button on the remote and the volume adjusts.
But when it is acts up the LED on the TV does not blink and the volume does not adjust - but then a few seconds later the volume drops (or increases)!

Have tried a few different remotes including the original that came with the TV but the problems exists regardsless of the remote.



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I'd have told you that if you'd posted the model number! Damn that JayCee!!:rotfl:

Doubt you'll be chucking the amount of cash required to replace the painter IC.

Wer used to do loads, can't remember the last one we did now.:(

Thank goodness! :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the replies.
Got two qoutes so far £120 and £140 - assuming it is the painter chip.

Cant remember exactly when I bought it but am sure it is less than 5yrs old - didnt bother with extended warranty.

Pretty cheesed off - I had a Mitsubishi previously for over 9yrs and was still working fine when I sold it to buy the Philips.

Think I will put up with the volume prob until it gets worse / really annoying and then decide wether to repair or buy an LCD / Plasma!

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