Delay to active sub working and cable connection


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I have a Sony DG820 amp, KEF 1005.2 5.1 speaker system, PS3 and Sony 40S4000 TV all hooked up via HDMI (inc HDMI auto switching). The sub is left ON all day, everything else is on standby, speakers are set to SMALL on the amp.

My question re delay is this - when I first switch on the components the sub doesn't respond, so the sound is quite tinny. If I then bump the volume up to say 16 or over, the sub then comes to life. If I then turn down the volume to below what it was originally, the sub remains active... Is the delay normal? Is there a reason for it? Its not a major probably by any means but just curious as to whats going on. Once active, it sounds and performs perfectly and I'm very happy with it...

To connect the sub (KUBE1) to the amp, I use 1 cable of the 5 of a IXOS SCAD cable. I didn't have a separate sub cable to hand at the time of setup and I've never got round to changing this. I did make sure I matched up the same coloured ends though ;)

Q1 Would this explain the delay at all?

Q2 Would I get any benefit in sound quality with a dedicated sub cable?

Q3 Any recommendations for a decent cable, bearing in mind the kit in use? I use QED speaker cable, I know they do sub cables too... Worth sticking with the same company?

Thanks in advance...

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This is perfectly normal. Basically the sub doesnt come to life till it receives a strong enough signal. Its nothing to do with the cable.

You can fix this so the sub comes on a lower volumes very easily. Just go into your amps menu and increase the sub out put level. Then on the back of the sub decrease the subs gain level to bring it back into balance.

The sub should then activate at lower volumes.


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Thanks Moonfly, good to know.. I might have a play with the amp settings..

Any benefit to a dedicated sub cable anyways?

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