Dekomount disappointment - rattle and sag


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I've recently bought a dekomount arm for my Mum & Dads 40" LCD TV, having bought one myself just over 6 months ago and been very impressed with it. Installed it myself, and it was (and still is) spot on. No hassle.

We've mounted this one on the wall, and all seemed well. However, the locking mechanism - which I had assumed was an upgrade - is rather a let down, and results in the TV sliding along the bracket when you move it in and out on the arm and rattling. I've been in touch with dekomount, who have been very helpful thus far and there are some bits on the way out to see if this rectifies the problem. I'll report back on this when the bits arrive and I've fitted them.

It's now a week on from installation, and it's sagging. I'm a bit anal about getting things level, so the mount is spot on against the wall. The bracket is perfectly level, and at the time of mounting the TV was perfectly level when mounted on the rail wherever I moved it to. Now it's got sag when pushed back to the wall. When the cantilever is folded one way, it is fine (still level), when it's folded the other way it's way off (very noticeable visually, i.e. without spirit level) - I've attached pics to illustrate.

My question is, has anyone else had this, or have I got a bad one? I've tightened up the joints to be sure it's not just loose (there was a bit more play than I have on mine). Obviously I feel quite bad, as I recommended the mount to my folks! I'll get back in touch with dekomount, as they have been good so far, but I'd like third opinions please!

The spirit level makes it look not so far off, but looking at it without the level and there's a droop of over an inch left to right, so it's really obvious.

Folded back one way (completely level):

Folded back the other way (way off!):
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Update to the situation. Dekomount have sent out a load of nuts, bolts and spacers to fix the rattle issue with the locking bar. Essentially the same mounting equipment that came with the bracket initially, and this doesn't address the problem at all. I did clearly illustrate the difference between the two brackets with photos. I've been told via email "if you wish you can use cables ties to stable the bracket plate and the TV rails if required", which is a bit more Heath Robinson than I'd have expected - looks like that side of it is a design flaw, so the end user is expected to fix. I'd probably settle for this well enough (should be able to fabricate a fix myself) if it didn't sag as well.

Will update on the sag situation later. I'm hoping that it's a simple fix (tighten nut A or something).


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Any news on this, what bracket was it and what size Tv do ure folks have? I was thinking of getting the single arm bracket from them for my incoming LE40BB550 Samsung, but the im concerned about thr actual wall mounting bracket its not large like alot of the brackets you see, they have a pro upgrade whihc to me looks like its just a bit of metal welded on the back of the exsisting wall mount!!


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Any news on this? Not the first issue I've seen with Dekomount on these forums so might give them a miss. Their CS appears pretty poor.

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