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I have a Panny 42PWD6 together with a prog scan Sony 930 DVD.

I do not notice too much difference between the interlaced and progressive modes on the 930. Does this mean that the de-interlacer in the PWD6 is about as good as the one in my DVD player?

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I'm suprised that you don't notice much difference, most people do seem to note an improvement and would be interested in anyones views on this. I have a 5 series and was looking at buying this model of DVD - with hopefully a big improvement on the cards.

How are you connecting it up - I currently use a JS RGB to VGA converter direct from my Marantz DVD and passthrough RGB on the player to feed NTL digital. I was looking to get this player and go directly to component on the panel and use the JS converter solely for NTL.

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