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I'm having a crisis. My external HD isn't working anymore. Struggling to breathe.

On a more serious note, it is a Freecom Hard Drive Classic 3.5" 500GB Model code SSPAEB. A few weeks back I turned it on, heard it whirring, but nothing came up on my TV. Looked at it and the LED at the front wasn't on. Tapped the thing, the LED sprung in to life and it was working again.

Fast forward to now, and I have the same situation but unfortunately no amount of tapping or elbow dropping will get it going again. I'm guessing a connection has gone somewhere but I am scared to open it up and look. Forgive but I'm very ignorant on the following subject. How likely am I to lose my data? If I can't get this thing going again is there a way to transfer to the new HD I have coming?


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Is it the one in the aluminium sleeve? I like a fool have got one and a newer 2Tb one. The 500gb one packed up so I took the drive out of the case, stuck it in a pc and it worked fine. I've just put this drive into a new machine. Works fine.

The 2Tb one packed up after 10 months. The psu failed. I got it working by using the redundant psu from the 500gb one!

Can't recommend Freecom Network drives at all. Support's useless as well.

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Inside is just an ordinary HD. Might be IDE or sata.

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