Default screen modes on a Hitachi


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My TV is a Hitachi Natura CL28WF530AN, which uses the usual Hitachi trick for the service menu.

I have a problem with the Playstation 2 RGB lead. It triggers automatically a widescreen output (like widescreen DVD movies). The problem is I can't not revert to 4:3 because the cycle is as follows: Auto->Widescreen->14:9->14:9 zoom (i.e. no 4:3 option). Auto switches to 16:9 for DVD movies and PS2 and to 4:3 for the rest (including other RGB connected consoles)

I think the FLG option in the vertical menu has something to do with the screen modes included in the cycle, but it seems hex code, so it's tricky to test. I can get rid ot 14:9 and change it for 4:3

Any ideas? Should I search for another option?


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