Default need advice buying a pc/laptop after years without one


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few years ago i bought a macbook when they first came out and moved out of my mums house and left my pc there for her, since then ive only had a macbook and havent had a pc to game with either.
now my fiance wants sims 3 for her birthday (june 30th i need this by lol) and ive got a little bit of savings interest come thru so im gonna either buy a decent gaming laptop or a new pc.
if i buy a pc i dont need monitor/mouse/keyboard/speakers etc as im sorted for those, just a tower.

im not fussed if i buy a pc or a laptop, but my budget is £400-600 and i want it to be able to play sims 3 really well, and maybe some of my older pc games (CS:source etc)
i dont care about media center stuff or bluray (got a ps3 downstairs), just how good it is for games and if its a laptop, how good the battery life is


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Depending on how much time you want to spend you can get some very good deals building your own desktop pc. However you will need to do a lot of research to ensure all your parts are compatible among other things. Just something to consider ;)


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found this:
"Titan Wildfire" Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.60GHz DDR2 System

no idea if its any good for the price, im so out of the loop with whats good at the moment

That doesn't come with an operating system so you would have to install and set up windows yourself - and troubleshoot it if anything goes wrong.

I'd go for something like this(with the £5 upgrade to 1 year's collect and return) or this.

The cards in the two above as well as the GTS 250 are all nicely powerful mid-range and will handle everything you throw at them, old or new, even if you've got a fairly high resolution monitor.

Laptop-wise you're not going to get much of a graphics card in your price range but something like a 9600M GT or Mobility 3650 at the top of your price range will handle the sims 3 and older games. It will do what you ask, but whether you're willing to trade off the extra power and quality of a desktop for the portability of a laptop is something you have to decide. Is your fiance likely to want to play Sims 3 on the move? Do you want to have to put up with her playing Sims 3 on the move? :D


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thanks for the help so far guys.
if it comes to it i will build a desktop myself, i always used to make pcs up for myself but since theres so much new tech to me (pci express, dual/quad cores etc) its confusing to learn again.

tbh i think im leaning more towards getting her a laptop now because she can sit in the front room playing sims with me while im on my 360/ps3 (21st century relationships are fun :p ) instead of being up in my pc room on her own

what laptops would you guys recommend for around £600 or under?
sorry realise this is kinda the wrong forum now lol

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