Deep Space Nine: A Re-evaluation.

brian s

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Brian, your wife is welcome on the Forum anytime!;)
My wife posts online but it's mainly local history and issues. She also keeps in touch with her huge clan of a family. So the AVF is not the best platform for her.

Sorry for not posting sooner Derek but we've had a few rough weeks. We'd attended a funeral of a relative of my wife in the week before I last posted here. That wasn't too bad as she'd reached a good old age and had remained fit and well until her last year. She was actually born during the pandemic that hit shortly after the First World War. That'll give you an idea of how old she was.

A night or two after that I got word that a close friend of mine had bought a mobility scooter. He'd been living with stage 4 cancer for over 2 years but seemed to be battling it brilliantly. He used to regularly run half marathons and once did a very decent time for the London Marathon. It was a hell of a shock. Then shortly after my last post here we got word that he'd been taken into hospital earlier that morning. Later that night he took a turn for the worse and he passed away on Sunday morning. We've watched quite a few DS9 and some Voyager episodes and there's been at least 3 of them that chimed with our present situation so they were quite a painful watch.

Sorry for offloading here. I'll try to talk about DS9 solely in my next post.


Derek S-H

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Oh Brian, I'm sorry to hear about your losses.

And I must emphasise this: I really don't care if anyone goes off topic in a Thread I've created. I'm really not that territorial!

If a Mod feels otherwise and wishes to edit or remove a post, again that's fine too.

I've watched various iterations of "Star Trek" over the years to help me get through personal situations as we don't live in emotional vacuums. The shows are great as they always seem to find a way to chime with what you're feeling at any one time.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on "DS9" in due course.

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